What I blog about

My Story

BibleDiary is a blog I use to document my Christian struggles and take you along with me on my Christian journey of failing and then learning what is to truly follow Christ.

This blog was launched in February 2017, a month after Holy Spirit gave me the vision in a dream as I slept at night.

I saw a platform where I could reach out to all kinds of people – those already in Christ, those whose hearts are being stirred by the Holy Spirit even as they read these words, those looking for hope and light in this dark world and those simply curious. 

I resisted this calling for as long as I could and even listed before God, reasons upon reasons why I could not bare myself in front of the world like this, why my struggles as a Christian should be private. I asked Him, how I could let anyone see me as anything less than perfect.

“Love,” Father replied – a plain answer, simple enough to speak yet difficult to understand. One that demands you put another’s need before yours and demands you die to ‘self’. 

Father also reminded me that I had prayed for this long and hard into the New Year of 2017 – that I be rooted and grounded in love so like Christ, my branches will extend to shelter people while bearing fruits to bring relief to those hungry for Christ. 

I am (by no power of my own) perfect in Him who has purchased all of me at a price for which I am forever indebted.

And in the three years that BibleDiary has been in existence, it has gained over 250,000 views and 45,000 unique visitors, touching over a 100 countries. Abundant fruit from a good God.

With BibleDiary, God is also tearing down the walls I have carefully constructed around my heart over the years. Walls I thought would protect my heart but which have instead, damaged something that was made so pure. 

God wants you to walk with me and Him, through my diary entries as He pulls down these large walls of pain, disappointment, anger, hurt, misplaced priorities, love of self, jealousy, anger, pride, fear, and so on.

He wants to bring down the walls around your heart too.

Please let Him.


It is my hope that as you join my journey, your own heart is changed too.

God bless you!


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