Diary Entries

Welcome to my diary entries - you are actually peeking into the thoughts that go on in my mind and I write in it like any other girl writes in her diary, in the hopes that your heart is healed and transformed by the power of The Holy Spirit as you join my journey of learning what it means to worship The Lord in spirit and in truth.


19/02/2017 Dear diary, Thank God It’s Sunday! Church with my friends was simply amazing! Plus, I feel much better today. There has been a whole lot

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18/02/2017 Dear diary, I don’t want to write anything today. What I do feel like doing is shutting my laptop, switching off my phone and

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17/02/2017 Dear diary, The amount of love I received yesterday was insane and to think that this is simply the beginning. I’m overwhelmed to say

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16/02/2017 Dear diary, I started the biblediary blog today and I am laughing as I write this – I have been laughing all day really

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