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Hello there!
I'm Ezinne Zara.
Welcome to BibleDiary.

BibleDiary is a blog I use to document my Christian struggles and take you along with me on my Christian journey of failing and then learning what it means to truly follow Christ.

This blog was launched in February 2017, a month after Holy Spirit gave me the vision in a dream as I slept at night.


It is my hope that as you join my journey, your own heart is changed too.

God bless you!

Latest Entries

Which Is Most Important

02/05/2022 Dear diary, The worship event I attended two days ago was amazing. I’m still reflecting and trying to piece my words together in a

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Looking At The Past

30/04/2022 Dear diary, Last day of the month, first day of a long weekend, went to see my friend, we talked and I’m feeling pretty

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The Eve Before

25/04/2022 Dear diary, Long time no see. The last time I wrote something here was last year. It feels a bit surreal to be back

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